Won’t You Help to Sing These Songs of Freedom?

This year’s Independence Day felt weird to me. Did it for anyone else, or am I the only one who felt super off and un-celebratory about the land of the free? *gasp* How unpatriotic! Whatever. Hear me out. Even though they have absolutely nothing to do with this post, I have to preface with theseContinue reading “Won’t You Help to Sing These Songs of Freedom?”

Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse Expialidocious

First, before you start reading, stop and look at the sky. No seriously, get off your butt and go look. Okay no. Stop. Don’t just glace at it. Take a few slow breaths in and out. …mmm….ahhh… Now look again, but this time really take it in and notice all the subtle details. Look deeplyContinue reading “Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse Expialidocious”