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Buyout Blues

Summer 2005 Gotta get some experience to put on my resume, so I’m sucking it up and working for free at my internship while working full-time at my summer retail job. It sucks but whatever. Gotta do what I gotta do. Let’s name my internship supervisor Jan. Jan is a very respected PhD scientist, hasContinue reading “Buyout Blues”

Big Pharma Karma?

Seventeen. We’re 17 when we’re expected to figure out what we wanna do when we grow up–shoved off to college, the military, trade school, or full-time work. Merely children, who have no freaking clue about the world. I was a shy, insecure teenager, afraid of fully expressing myself — you could’ve classified me as a basicContinue reading “Big Pharma Karma?”


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Heeey, I’m Jenafer! I am passionate about the sky, the earth, mind/body/soul wellness, music, haphazard dancing, abstract ideas, and anything that moves the soul. When I’m not busy as a single mom of three boys, as well as working full-time crunching numbers for an environmental firm, I love talking (and talking and talking…) about all those things I’m passionate about. So I thought I’d come over here and share those things with you all. Thank you for visiting!

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