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Born This Way

I came out of the closet! Nope, not that one. A few months ago, I cleaned out a broom closet to create my work and meditation space, where I wouldn’t be disturbed and could do all my “weird”, sacred spiritual practices in one designated spot. It’s where I keep my crystals, candles, journals, incense, oracle/tarotContinue reading “Born This Way”

Step Up or Step Aside

My vocabulary sucks. It’s kind of embarrassing. I can string some words together somewhat coherently if I feel like it, and I’d like to think I have good grammar, but my vocabulary is on the level of about a 14-year-old. If I wasn’t a math nerd, my SAT score would’ve been even more embarrassing thanContinue reading “Step Up or Step Aside”


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About Me

Heeey, I’m Jenafer! I am passionate about the sky, the earth, mind/body/soul wellness, music, haphazard dancing, abstract ideas, and anything that moves the soul. When I’m not busy as a single mom of three boys, as well as working full-time crunching numbers for an environmental firm, I love talking (and talking and talking…) about all those things I’m passionate about. So I thought I’d come over here and share those things with you all. Thank you for visiting!

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