You know how much energy you put into planning a vacation? You invest a significant amount of time and money, so you want to make the most out of your experience.

How much energy do you invest in ensuring you’re making the most out of your *life* experience? That it’s as fulfilling as it could possibly be?

The other night, I was listening to some really weird instrumental music, but it was taking me on a deep mental journey, in parts of my mind that I had never really explored before. As I dove into those parts of my mind, I learned some really profound personal lessons — and I wouldn’t have had that experience if it weren’t for the musicians who created that weird music, guiding my mind through that wild ride. They fully expressed their weirdness, and that enhanced my experience in that moment.

How many times have you thought about certain things you want to do, pursue, create, or explore in your life, but a part of you is held back because of your fear of being judged or misunderstood?

Right, I know, this is so cliché.

Don’t let fear of judgment hold you back. Blah blah blah…

We’ve all heard that before, but the depth of the realization I had the other night was pretty powerful.

Think of something really badass that you either explored, experienced, purchased, etc., that was brought into your physical experience because of the authentic expression of another person. This could be a piece of artwork, a song, podcast episode, documentary, book, movie, or simply just being in the presence of another’s authentic energy.

Sit with the emotion that beautiful thing/person brought for you. Really sit with it and feel those sensations deeply within you.

Now reflect back on how often this happens in your life, where you feel something magical within yourself, and it came about as a result of the authentic expression of another person. It brings warmth and fulfillment in your heart, doesn’t it? A sense of inner healing.

Imagine now that these people held back their expression because they let some fear or insecurity stop them. It’s really kind of sad.

Not only are they blocking fulfillment in their own lives, because they aren’t fully expressing themselves, but they are also blocking you and others from experiencing their beautiful creative expression.

It’s almost as if the song lyrics, the musical melody, the painting, the book or movie quote, the insightful message, etc., was channeled from somewhere else, like it was speaking directly to your soul in that moment for a reason.

They summoned their muse for you.

We are meant to find and experience others‘ beautiful authentic creations, so that we get to experience life to its fullest potential. It’s all happening on purpose.

Others are also meant to find your authentic, raw, and absolutely perfect natural beauty for the same reason.

Your energy and authenticity won’t be appreciated by everyone, but it will be perfect for those meant to experience you.

What’s stopping you from letting them see you?


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