Big Pharma Karma?


We’re 17 when we’re expected to figure out what we wanna do when we grow up–shoved off to college, the military, trade school, or full-time work. Merely children, who have no freaking clue about the world.

I was a shy, insecure teenager, afraid of fully expressing myself — you could’ve classified me as a basic bitch with a hippie style. Bell bottoms and hemp necklaces were my jam, but I drank Starbucks because, well, so did everyone else. And if you tried speaking to me, I didn’t have the confidence to say anything of significance, but I was polite enough to awkwardly smile at you, avoiding all eye contact.

Don’t talk to me.

The sky was my first love, but I enjoyed math and chemistry and went the cookie cutter route by majoring in pre-pharmacy. You can make bank in the pharmaceutical industry (makes me cringe now), so it was a no-brainer for my immature little self.

But dddssaaaaang, it flopped. I absolutely hated it. It wasn’t for me, and after only one semester, I changed my major and started studying my first love.

What I thought my path would be at 17 is actually completely opposite from my current belief structure — I am not a fan of Big Pharma and I am so grateful my pre-pharmacy studies absolutely sucked.

Don’t get me wrong! I am very supportive of and grateful for modern medicine and medical research. It absolutely has its place. For instance, my youngest son has cerebral palsy and has had multiple seizures, and if it weren’t for modern medicine, he could’ve no longer been physically with us. His seizure medicine has also kept the episodes under control. I recognize it’s not all bad.

But the problem I have with Western medicine, and Western civilization in general, is our lack of natural, holistic approaches for prevention and treatment of medical conditions. Or hell, just anything for that matter.

High blood pressure? Here, take this pill.

High cholesterol? Same.

The list goes on; it’s gross to me.

Instead of first prescribing exercise, a clean diet, and meditation, we default to prescribing a quick-fix pill. This sometimes leads to side effects, which too often requires another pill to treat secondary symptoms.

Why tf is this acceptable??

For thousands of years, humans thrived on being active, eating well, mindfulness, and connecting with the land. With nature.

But we are so dang disconnected as a society, that instead of first taking care of ourselves and connecting with our true essence, we feed our bodies synthetic shit that’s produced in a lab. Which ultimately just fucks with our natural body chemistry.

We are nature, and we thrive best when we connect with nature.

Know what else is part of nature and great for us?


Duh, right?

But in this instance, I’m not talking about fruits, vegetables, essential oils, etc., even though those are incredibly beneficial for our health. Obvi.

I’m talking about psychoactive plant medicines, like cannabis, psilocybin mushrooms, peyote, ayahuasca, just to name a few.

Why are these incredibly beneficial plant medicines prohibited when alcohol consumption and overly-prescribed opioids are acceptable?

Why are we celebrating adulthood by getting wasted in a bar at 21 or going to a strip club at 18, instead of celebrating with a sacred plant medicine ceremony?

Why are we prescribing PTSD and clinically depressed patients with insanely addictive opioids when non-addictive psychoactive plant medicine has been used successfully for thousands of years and clinically proven to heal mental illness?

Are we saying that getting shitfaced, or getting off to a random chick dancing lustfully, or enabling pill-popping addictions, are more morally acceptable than a mystical journey, monitored by an experienced shaman, where we connect with our soul and divine entities?

To each their own, do your thang…but my question is, why is one “okay” and the other prohibited?

Some of you may be frowning on me for advocating for *gasp* psychoactive drugs, but it’s imperative for me to share this with you. Archeological studies are finding that even early Christians practiced these sacred ceremonies. They used psychoactive plants to reach an altered state of consciousness to connect with Spirit and obtain guidance from divine entities. This information simply got lost in text translation and/or was not passed down due to many early Church leaders who feared the loss of mind control over their people. I will not expand on the mind control topic on this post to avoid spiraling into a lengthy tangent–because I will indeed tangent incessantly.

Fortunately, we are finally seeing the approval for extensive medical research on psychoactive plants, which is validating the hypothesis supporting the major health benefits of plant medicine.

Unfortunately, however, there is still so much resistance, partially from ignorance due to misinformation, but also because of money, greed, and societal control. Again, I won’t expand on that topic here.

Imagine if at 17-ish, during our critical formative years, instead of going through the conformed motions of early adulthood, we conversely initiated adulthood with an ayahuasca or peyote ceremony — a ceremony where we reach a higher state of consciousness, allowing us to interact with the Divine, connect with nature, find our true selves and our destined paths in life, and experience that oneness with all of creation.

Imagine the collective love and acceptance of everyone, everywhere.

What a wonderful world it would be!

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