Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse Expialidocious

First, before you start reading, stop and look at the sky. No seriously, get off your butt and go look.

Okay no. Stop. Don’t just glace at it. Take a few slow breaths in and out.


Now look again, but this time really take it in and notice all the subtle details. Look deeply at it, in the way you’d look at the person you’re in love with. Absorb it, admire it, and feel that warmth build within your chest.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

If you know me personally, you know I’m basically obsessed with the sky. Swear my eyes are set on default to look upwards as soon as I step one foot out the door.

I even went outside earlier tonight and thanked the Universe for all the bullshit it’s currently presenting to me. It sucks, but I know they’re all lessons and cycles I’m meant to complete.

I mean, hurry the **** up and stuff. Ugh. But thanks for the lessons.

Anyway, I bet you’re all going through some chaotic times right now too.

I betcha!

We are all collectively going through some craziness, even if some people’s crazy is perhaps a little less chaotic than others. Because, you know, we are energetic beings–all connected energetically–through that thing called the Divine Source Energy. All of us. Collectively connected. Everyone.

So back to the sky stuff. Earlier this week, we had a super flower blood moon lunar eclipse.


Have you ever recognized the parallel between us and the moon? Maybe you have, but think about it here for a minute.

The moon shines so brightly and brings light to the darkness of night. How dark the night would be without the moon!

But its source of light is not of itself. The moon is merely a reflection of another greater, much more powerful light. Without that light source, the moon would perpetually be cold and dark. Empty.

The moon also goes through many cycles. It spends about 14 days waning, followed by 14 days waxing. It releases, then replenishes. Every single month.

Our life is a perpetual cycle of lessons, forcing us to release the bullshit and replenish with the good shit.

Out with the old, in with the new…or whatever–whatever that means in whatever season of life you’re in.

But as you go through these cycles, some way more challenging than others, you have a choice about what kind of energy you want to reflect into the world. Do you want to be cold and dark, or do you want to be a reflection of that warm, beautiful, endless, divine source energy?

If there was a moon representing each person on earth, imagine how warm and illuminated this cold, dark world would become.

Shine that little light of yours.

Let it fucking shine.

In the beginning of this post, I bet maybe 0.002% of you actually looked at the sky.

If you’re one of the jerks in the other 99.998%, I suppose I still love you. But next time you go outside, I ask that you consider trying what I suggested.

…mmm…inhale the good shit

…ahhh…exhale and release the bullshit…

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