The Tapestry Room

Hello! My name is Jen — welcome to The Tapestry Room!

My idea for this site is to create a somewhat formal (but ridiculously informal) journal-type thing, where I share some of my thoughts and insights about the unfathomable power and love of the Universe, as well as embracing this insane—ly BEAUTIFUL human experience.

It seems I message my best friend daily about new things I’ve unfolded through messages from the Universe.

“Okay this may sound crazy but hear me out…”

Sound familiar? If you somehow found your way to this page, I am almost certain it does.

I’ve been told to write a book, or at least blog, about all my haphazard musings. So…*ding* here’s your blog.

Why “The Tapestry Room”? I heard a talk once by Dolores Cannon (who by the way is AMAZING — check out her work sometime when you get a chance), and she talked about a place in the Heaven-like dimension between death and life, called The Tapestry Room. In that room is a large tapestry, sewn together by threads of each of our souls. Each soul is its own individual thread, but we are all intertwined together, all connected, to create this enormous, beautiful tapestry. Isn’t that awesome? Yes it is. So awesome.

I would love to use this space to connect as many of us as I can (even if it’s only like three of you), to reflect even a tiny bit of light on you all. I hope you find something here that resonates with you!

2 thoughts on “The Tapestry Room

  1. How ironic is it that I’m just now googling “the tapestry room” to see if anyone put a contextual tangibly format to Dolores’ verbal explanation! I always Google everything immediately and it’s taken me a long time to search this and here it is.,. Just a few days after being written

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